Sandata Announces the Five-year Anniversary of Their Revenue Management Solutions Relationship with Two Prominent Homecare Agencies in New York

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., August 20, 2019 – Sandata Technologies, LLC, the leading provider of technology solutions for the home care market, announces that five years ago Family Home Care Services of Brooklyn and Queens, and Care At Home of New York expanded their relationship with Sandata to include a strategic service that significantly improved their financial efficiencies in a complex payer environment.  As the New York home care market transitioned from a single-payer environment to a Managed Care environment with 26 payers, many agencies struggled with the complexities of this transition.  As a result, Family Home Care and Care At Home turned to their long-term partner, Sandata, to augment their operations with technology and process, which in turn has enabled them to thrive in this challenging environment.  Five years later, the partnership continues to expand and has delivered significant results, including collections exceeding 99% of billing.

The two agencies engaged Sandata’s Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), a technology-enabled revenue cycle management solution that is intended specifically for home care agencies.  RMS is an integral part of Sandata’s suite of solutions designed to empower home care agencies to streamline operations, maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and focus on what is important – providing excellent patient care and growing their agency.

“Cash flow improved very quickly”, said Broughan Gorey, CEO of Family Home Care and Care At Home.  “The Sandata RMS team streamlined our financial operations and improved our efficiencies in short order, and the impact on our organization was dramatic.  With their support, our team is now operating at a very high level of competency and we are confident in our billing and collections accuracy”.

Jeffrey Maynard, CFO of Family Home Care Services and Care At Home, said, “RMS has become a critical and trusted partner in our organizations.  We even invited them to our company summer picnic this year!  Importantly, they don’t just bill and collect.  They work very closely with our operations and finance teams on an ongoing basis, and provide us with input in areas like contract conformity, and authorization and denials management, to maximize the effectiveness of our own revenue cycle functions from intake to billing.  They shepherd us through changes in payer process and state mandates.  We receive a comprehensive set of weekly, monthly and ad hoc reports, and have regular management calls with them to discuss performance, challenges and issues.  They also support our annual financial audits, responding to auditor documentation requests, and providing commentary on AR collectability.”

Gorey said, “We are in a much better position now to weather the thinning margins, rising costs, and increasingly complex pressures and opportunities facing home healthcare operators in today’s market, such as value-based payments and increased payer diversity. RMS plays a big role in that.  They provide us with optimized revenue cycle performance while allowing management to focus on the challenges and execute on the opportunities in the market.”

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