How to Use Social Media to Engage Your Audience

Social media has become one of the largest means of communication for personal and business use, with rapidly increasing users each year. Not only is social media an effective way of educating and sharing knowledge with prospects and customers, but it is also an impactful way to bolster your reputation as a leader in the industry.

We all know the internet is the go-to source for information, and finding care for a loved one requires thorough research. Your agency should be part of the social media community to help build brand awareness and reputation. It is about much more than making a sale—it is about showing support to the community and earning trust. Tell the story of your organization’s history, where you are today, what you have to offer, and where you plan to be in the future. This is also a platform where you can recognize and celebrate your dedicated staff. Give prospects a look into your team and give them an idea of the ongoing training and support you offer to improve your organization, which in turn helps improve the delivery of care.

Quick Tips:

  • Encourage your clients and staff to share their experiences with your agency.
  • Tell real life success stories—this is what prospects want to hear about. They want to feel confident that your agency is the right choice for themselves or a loved one.
  • Engage with your network to amplify your voice. Posting content is a great start, but to spread brand awareness and encourage conversation, interacting with industry news and network contacts boosts your visibility and reputation.
  • Get to know your audience. Who will be viewing your network pages, and what do they want to know?
  • End each post with a strong call to action. What do you want your readers to do? Visit a page to learn more, schedule a call with your team—make it loud and clear.

You do not need a team dedicated to social media, you just need an individual or group within your agency that can communicate and share information on the agency’s behalf. You should be consistent with your pages; posting at least once a week is a good place to start, but even more frequent posts can help keep your name in front of your audience. Do not let the momentum go, keep them coming back for more!

Information you might want to share:

  • Upcoming events in which your agency is participating
  • Awards or acknowledgements your company or staff have received
  • Industry related news articles that are relevant to your audience
  • Visuals: pictures or videos of your agency or events
  • Client testimonials, including those from patients and family members
  • Blogs that establish your agency as a leader in your space

Do you have your social platforms set up yet? If not, now’s the time to put your brand in front of a free, built-in network. There is an ever-expanding audience looking for your services—make sure they can easily find you, learn about what you have to offer, and discover what makes you the best fit for their needs.