Case Story: Able Health Care

Imagine… you are a Joint Commission-accredited home care agency with over four decades of service under your belt. From post-surgery nursing to palliative treatment, you cover every type of in-home service in the New York City area. However, you are facing a major challenge- manual visit verification is slowing you and your caregivers down.

This was the reality that Able Health Care faced. The agency staff was spending too much time each day calling clients’ homes to verify visits, and then, sorting through paper-based time sheets. Not only was this preventing their agency from running efficiently and effectively, but it was also resulting in caregiver payroll delays. There had to be a solution to this administrative burden and challenge.

Able Health Care turned to Sandata. With the Sandata mobile EVV solution, the agency was able to bring new efficiencies into the field and the office. With the mobile app, aides found it easy to do everything- from visit verification, task entry, and clocking in and out. On top of that, the office no longer spent their days cradling the phone and managing paper-based time sheets- everything was verified through GPS-enabled devices.

By utilizing Sandata’s technology, Able Health Care ran more efficiently, all while taking care of their staff’s payroll on-time, and without issues. This solution was a win-win-win for the agency, their employees, and most importantly, the patients and their quality of care.

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