Point-of-Care (POC): Is it the Right Move for Your Home Care Agency?

Male nurse showing woman paperwork

Do your clinicians and field staff currently use paper forms and assessments as a means of documentation for patient visits?

If so, are you struggling with documentation accuracy and timely submissions? If you answered yes, you might want to start looking for a solution that integrates with your current agency management software.

Home care providers are implementing technology-based solutions to help increase the efficiency of those delivering care in the home setting and to ensure accurate and compliant data exchange of patient information. Improving patient outcomes and satisfaction is the primary goal for home care providers. By utilizing a PoC solution, clinicians have the tools they need to best assess the patient in the field quickly and easily.

This new technology is simply a different way of filling out the regular forms; it is easier and faster than spending hours filling out paper work and physically submitting them to the office. The clinicians will now have access to patient information in an organized electronic system.

Point of Care workflows are put in place to enhance the communication between all individuals in the patient process. Eliminating paper not only frees up more time for the clinician to focus on the patient, but it also allows for data to flow back to the billing and financial systems automatically. This improvement in the operational process can help prevent data entry errors and claim denials or takebacks.

Some things you should keep in mind when looking for a Point-of-care solution:

  1. Find a solution that is easy to use for field and office staff
  2. The solution should include industry-standard forms and the ability to customize forms
  3. The solution should include the ability to report on any field on any form
  4. The solution should include the ability to upload images and videos to the patients’ charts
  5. The ability to access the solution from any device connected to the Internet
  6. Electronic signatures for Physicians, Staff and Clients
  7. HIPAA compliance and a certified, secured data solution

The roll out and training process should be seamless and not interrupt the delivery of care. Your PoC solution is simply replacing the paper assessments with an electronic version that will flow back to your billing and financial systems. All your clinician will need is a device with Internet to access the patient information. No paper, no pens, no old charts to refer back to, it’s all available via the Internet!

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