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Employee Care

Employee Care Software with Sandata

Properly managing a team of direct support professionals is crucial to your success and compliance as an agency, but it can be time-consuming. You can make it more efficient for everyone by automating workflows and empowering staff to complete tasks online. Sandata has created our Employee Care module to streamline administrative work by:

      • Centralizing all information in a secure, web-based location
      • Supporting documentation workflows and employee self-service
      • Automating the employee training and requirements processes
      • Creating and maintaining personal information
      • Messaging staff with optional acknowledgment tracking

Empower your staff with self-service options, electronic forms, and managing requirements. Plus, you can streamline human resources processes to save you time and help you focus on what matters most.

I/DD Staffing Stability

Software Overview

With Sandata’s Employee Care, all your staffing administrative needs are centrally located in a secure, web-based location. No more tracking down papers, housing binders of records, or finding miscellaneous materials left on your desk.

Staff can access and update information such as personal details, task lists, training schedules, and more. Notifications can be enabled to proactively alert staff to complete tasks that keep them in compliance.

Management can maintain workflows for processes such as applications, performance appraisals, leave tracking, and corrective actions. Keeping workflows on track saves hours of follow-ups, repetitive data entry, and record keeping.

Employee Information

With Sandata’s Employee Care software, you can consolidate all your employee’s information into one easily accessible, self-service location. With Employee Care, you can:

– Track employee’s personal information
– Track important dates
– Track employment records
– Track training schedules and completion status
– Track workflow status
– Track payroll data
– Collect completed forms
– Collect digital signatures
– Send messages and alerts
– Track acknowledgments

Employee Requirements

Making sure you have the most qualified staff to provide the individuals you serve with the best care possible is a top priority. However, tracking what and when training is needed, how many credit hours are required, and ensuring no staff member has expired credentials can be a daunting task.

With Sandata Employee Care, you can ensure the best care possible for those you serve by keeping staff credentials current and reducing administrative costs by automatically calculating due dates and credit hours for staff training compliance. Sandata’s Employee Care software handles this tedious and time-consuming job for you, freeing you to focus on serving the individuals in your care.

Ease of Use

With the click of a mouse, Employee Care software tells you what training courses, credit hours, certifications, and other requirements of employment (background checks, eligibility dates, etc.) staff have completed and when they are coming up for renewal. The results generated are based on predetermined criteria such as job title, length of employment, work status (full-time or part-time), or specific job duties.

Training Management

In addition to tracking training requirements, Employee Care helps your training department manage the classes your agency provides. Employee care can handle class registration, enrollment limits, and sign-in sheet creation for your class preparation. Once the class is over, Employee Care allows you to record employee attendance and results, upload sign-in sheets, and print certificates of completion. And – as with training provided by outside vendors – employees’ certification renewal dates are automatically updated as well.

Improved and Integrated Processes

Employee Care also integrates with Sandata’s Staff Scheduling software to ensure the most qualified staff is scheduled at the right location, at the right time. As part of Sandata’s Employee Care software suite, this software integrates with our Payroll and Human Resources software, streamlining processes and eliminating duplicated data-entry efforts. Plus, it works seamlessly with Sandata’s other software, allowing you to create a tailor-made system that empowers you and your staff to provide the best care to your clients.

Do right by caregivers,
right from the start.

Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.