Simplifying the process of managing caregiver scheduling and filling available shifts

Running a home care agency is not an easy task…especially when it comes to managing your caregivers’ schedules, constant changing availability, short notice call-outs, and trying to minimize overtime pay.  Historically, finding available (not to mention compatible) caregivers to fill a shift is extremely time consuming.  The cycle seems never-ending:  call caregiver after caregiver, leave… Read more »

Mobile Verification- a game changer for capturing home care visit data

Let’s face it; landlines are becoming a thing of the past. According to a study conducted by The National Center for Health Statistics in 2017, more than one-half of American homes (52.5%) were living in wireless-only households. In 2019, that number has increased and is expected to continue increasing. There are 2.71 billion smartphone users… Read more »

Improve employee productivity and retention with the use of technology

Improve employee productivity and retention with the use of technology Employees are your most valuable asset, wouldn’t you agree?  Without their hard work, dedication, and commitment to your clients, it would be pretty difficult to run a successful business.  For provider agencies, both the office and field staff play a crucial role in ensuring patients… Read more »

Multiple Verification Methods and Technologies Help Ensure EVV Compliance

EVV Methods to ensure compliance It’s no secret that Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) software offers home care agencies a powerful set of controls and numerous other benefits.  It’s also known – and all too often learned the hard way – that these benefits don’t get fully or even adequately realized if field staff have trouble… Read more »

Solve EVV Uncertainty with Planning, Research and Analysis

Solve EVV Uncertainty with Planning, Research and Analysis The Electronic Visit Verification™ Mandate – as outlined in the 21st Century Cures Act – has created a great deal of concern and more than a little uncertainty for many within the home healthcare industry. All states that bill Medicaid for personal care services will be required… Read more »

Survival in an industry that has recently mandated the use of Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV™) for Home Care

What does the Home Care EVV mandate mean? As a home care agency that currently bills or plans to bill Medicaid for personal care or home health services, you might ask yourself, what does that mean? That seems to be a common question as providers are learning that a new law has been put in… Read more »

Keeping up with new home care regulations

With over 12,600 home care agencies servicing more than 5 million Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries nationwide, it is important that there’s visibility into the services provided to ensure plan of care compliance. (source1) The 21st Century Cures Act, signed into law December 13, 2016, requires all Medicaid providers to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for… Read more »