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Simplifying the process of managing caregiver scheduling and filling available shifts

Running a home care agency is not an easy task…especially when it comes to managing your caregivers’ schedules, constant changing availability, short notice call-outs, and trying to minimize overtime pay.  Historically, finding available (not to mention compatible) caregivers to fill a shift is extremely time consuming.  The cycle seems never-ending:  call caregiver after caregiver, leave… Read more »

Improve employee productivity and retention with the use of technology

Improve employee productivity and retention with the use of technology Employees are your most valuable asset, wouldn’t you agree?  Without their hard work, dedication, and commitment to your clients, it would be pretty difficult to run a successful business.  For provider agencies, both the office and field staff play a crucial role in ensuring patients… Read more »

Best Practices for Preventing Re-hospitalization

“Hospitalizations account for nearly one-third of the total $2 trillion spent on health care in the United States.”[1] A significant fraction of these hospitalizations are re-hospitalizations occurring soon after discharge. Re-hospitalizations result in increased costs to the payer, and potential negative impacts on patients related to complications of being hospitalized. The most important point here… Read more »

Your Simple Guide to Selecting the Right Software Vendor

Having been in Home Care for over 30 years as an owner, administrator, and software vendor, I have seen many regulatory changes affect financial stability and management of day-to-day operations, affecting our ability to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.  Many of you will remember the Medicare PPS changes in 2000 and their… Read more »