To speak to a Sandata Representative about the NYS OMIG Verification Organization mandate or to schedule a system demo, please contact:

Matthew Rose, Regional Vice President of Sales:
516-484-4400, ext. 4191 or mrose@sandata.com

Sandata NYS OMIG Webinar Presentation

NYS OMIG Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the definition of a Verification Organization (VO)?
  2. What is the definition of a participating provider?
  3. How is the fifteen million dollars per calendar year calculated?
  4. Does a VO need to provide all services outlined in the VO diagram?
  5. Can a CHHA be considered a VO if they are submitting their Medicaid claims directly to NY State if the meet the dollar threshold?
  6. Is Electronic Visit Verification required at the provider level?
  7. Will the CHHA need to install EVV for skilled Medicaid workers?
  8. Are providers required to do compliance checking?
  9. Are providers required to do exception handling / resolution prior to claims submission?
  10. Are providers required to do conflict reporting?
  11. Are providers ever considered a VO?
  12. What happens when the VO’s client’s billing system is not a product of the VO nor directly under their control?
  13. What are authorization requirements?
  14. Are provider homegrown software solutions acceptable to the state?
  15. Are Consumer Directed Personal Care Services included?
  16. Is Managed Long Term Care included?