Training Programs for Santrax® Telephony

Sandata offers a broad range of innovative and successful training programs to its customers. Our audience includes educating both the payor and home care agencies directly on our suite of Santrax® products. Depending on the scope of the implementation, training delivery can range to management level associates, clinical staff, human resources department, schedulers, billing, and payroll personnel.

Santrax® Telephony training programs take the user through all aspects of the telephony process from call training to exporting data to billing and payroll.

  1. As part of our training programs, we supply call and reference guides with helpful hints to each customer equipping them with the necessary material required to effectively train their field workers.
  2. Extensive report training and exceptional handling processes are delivered by each of our trainers through a web-based training session. On-site training is also an optional training alternative.
  3. Training on additional features such as Plan of Care, Mileage Tracking, and Broadcast Messaging are provided to compliment the overall basic telephony training experience.