Santrax® Telephony

Santrax<sup>®</sup> Telephony

Improving Agency Efficiency and Service Quality with Proven Technology

Home healthcare agencies face growing pressure to increase operational efficiency, boost productivity, reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Only one solution offers the functionality you need to meet these challenges with little to no capital expenditure – Santrax® Telephony, from Sandata Technologies.

Market-Leading Electronic Visit Verification Solution

Used by more caregivers and home healthcare workers than any other telephony system, Santrax® Telephony helps ensure clinical compliance, improves quality of care, streamlines back-office processes, and reduces time between service delivery and billing. It improves patient care and quality through Assured Coverage and increases clinical compliance by ensuring the 5 Rights. The Right patient is serviced at the Right time, in the Right location, with the Right plan of care by the Right caregiver.

How It Works

Sandata and Santrax® Telephony support the entire home healthcare continuum as it validates data instantaneously in real-time and stores the data via the web with 24/7 accessibility.

Sandata Technologies Impacts all of the Constituents in the Home Healthcare Continuum

Caregivers provide information at the point-of-care via Electronic Visit Verification. Santrax® Telephony can track caregiver arrival and departure times, location of service delivery (using proprietary ANI processing), member and direct care provider IDs, and tasks performed during a visit.

With optional features, Santrax® Telephony improves caregiver compliance by verifying the caregiver’s voice to ensure compliance. It precisely calculates caregiver mileage, minimizes “no shows” through real-time supervisor alerts, tracks visits against a recipient’s specific plan of care, and automates billing and payroll, among other valuable functions.

Santrax® Telephony can maximize your ROI and bottom line through increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Santrax® Telephony provides an end-to end solution for all size agencies. Incorporating pre-built standard interfaces to back-end systems, it includes rich, robust features to eliminate manual processes, aid scheduling, interface to 3rd party billing and payroll systems, and enhance administration with real-time dashboards and reports.

Add-On Modules for Added Functionality

Santrax® Telephony can be enhanced with a variety of add-on modules that enable your agency to obtain the specific functionality it needs, including:

  • Schedule Prompting – Improves time management by prompting caregivers with schedule information and short visit reminders.
  • Mileage Tracking – Eliminates inaccuracies and saves administrative time through automatic mileage calculation and reimbursement.
  • No Show Alerts – Improves workforce monitoring and ensures no recipient is overlooked through “no show” alerts, thereby decreasing both missed visits and missed revenue.
  • Fixed Location Tracking – Used when there are no cell towers or land lines available.
  • Speaker Verification – Improves care quality and protects against allegations of unsubstantiated or fraudulent billing by using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the right caregiver is serving the right patient at the right time.
  • Plan of Care Entry – Increases productivity by automatically entering care plan data into Santrax® Telephony.
  • Broadcast Messaging – Simplifies staff notification by enabling supervisors to create, schedule and send voice messages regarding schedule changes, no shows and other developments to one or more field caregivers.
  • Overnight Awake – This unique feature is utilized in group homes to ensure that supervision is provided at all times.
  • Transcription Services – Increases caregiver productivity by enabling caregivers to dictate notes over the phone for subsequent transcription.
  • Scheduling – Increases scheduling efficiency by enabling your agency to utilize the powerful scheduling engine incorporated in Santrax® Agency Management.

Assured Coverage

Sandata is the only company that assures accurate coverage through a complete set of Electronic Visit Verification technologies. In addition to our market leading Santrax® Telephony (STx) solution, Sandata also offers real-time GPS technology, verifying employee location via cell phones and Fixed Location Tracking when no phone service is available. Your agency can feel confident that caregiver visit verification is occurring at the point of service, helping to improve the clinical care to the patient being served.

Management Reports

Santrax® Management Reports enhance staff management by enabling managers to track staff field activity in real time via a web interface, providing supervisors with instant knowledge of missed visits, late visits and other problem situations. It also establishes a comprehensive audit trail without reliance on paper documentation, improving accuracy and saving time.

The Reporting system consists of Daily Reports and Date Range Reports. There are multiple sort options available for each report. In addition, there are several filters that are available to help the user narrow the criteria of the data that they wish to see when running each report.

Comprehensive Support – Implementation and Beyond

Improving your agency’s financial and operational performance is the focus of Sandata’s skilled implementation team. Experience with thousands of implementations, the Sandata team manages every aspect of implementation, including integration with third-party systems, as necessary.

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