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Santrax® Point-of-Care

Santrax® Point-Of-Care is next generation technology that provides intuitive, readily accessible and easy-to-use tools to deliver optimum service at the point of care. Fully HIPAA compliant, the application was designed from the ground up to complement the clinician’s daily processes. With Santrax® Point-of-Care, the OASIS data collection process provides a user-friendly experience for clinicians and ensures clinical best practices and agency efficiency.

Santrax® Point-of-Care is compatible with today’s most widely used mobile devices, platforms and tablet devices such as Android, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry. It can be used in either disconnected or connected mode.

Santrax® Point-of-Care Product Brochure

Santrax® Point-of-Care features include:

Touch Screen Remote Access to Patient Charts:Users can review patient charts including attachments and external documents at the point of care.

Original Plan-of-Care: System auto-generates initial Plan-of-Care at the point of care as the clinician completes one of the industry’s most comprehensive assessments. Visual displays alert clinicians to any CMS485/487 items.

Easy look-up capabilities: Easily perform patient look-ups, whether or not they are a part of the clinician’s caseload, ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes, supplies and medications. Additionally, the clinician is able to transfer some list items such as Medications, Supplies and Orders & Goals at RECERT and interim visits.

Fast, easy online communication: Users can place calls or get driving directions from current location to the patient’s home, communicate to the agency, to physicians or consult with other workers by clicking an icon.

Optional GPS Functionality: System automatically records time spent with patients. Time is marked when user hits START VISIT and END buttons. There is no further user intervention. Information is seamlessly transmitted to the schedule for visit verification compliance, payroll and billing.

Medications management at the point of care: Powered by an industry-leading medications database, clinicians can easily look-up medications, drug and allergy interaction and severity alerts at the point of care.

Clinical best practices: Santrax® Point-of-Care checks OASIS and comprehensive data responses against proprietary SmartEdit engine library throughout documentation process. HIPPS and HHRG scores are calculated as appropriate for review to further enhance clinical guidance.

Full complement of OASIS documentation forms and tools: Powerful library of documentation tools includes comprehensive OASIS assessments and interim Visit Notes for all disciplines. Other built-in tools include Tinetti, T.U.G Report, Nutritional Assessment, Anxiety Depression Screening, Pain Assessment, Falls Risk, PHQ-2 and PHQ-9, and the WOCN guide. Additional industry standard tool sets are being made available all the time.

Easily download collected data to the Agency: Completed assessment data is automatically transmitted to the agency whenever Internet connectivity is established on a mobile device. Santrax® Point-of-Care operates in disconnected or connected mode based on WiFi availability.

Comprehensive Device Management

Sandata offers optional services to ensure complete management of your deployed devices in the field. This integrated service offering provides your agency with the resources to fully control, manage, track and support all field workers. This can include provisioning and device inventory management as well as contracting with applicable carriers.

Santrax POC ROI

The Santrax® Point-of-Care application drives significant return on investment:

  • Reduces days-to-RAP
  • Reduces time between completion and office receipt
  • Significantly reduces clinical inconsistency
  • Reduces CMS submission errors
  • Enhances communications between field staff and office
  • Streamlines travel time to and from office
  • Eliminates costs associated with paper forms and printing patient charts
  • Easy look-up feature for medications, ICD and physicians, maximizes time with patient
  • Intuitive RECERT /follow-up/ROC
  • Visit Note and RECERT features eliminate data transposition errors

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To learn more about how Santrax® Point-of-Care technology can help your agency drive efficiency and improve outcomes, or to schedule a demo, Click Here or call 1-800-544-7263.