Santrax® Agency Management Complete

Enhancing Agency Operations through Best-Practices Automation

Home healthcare agencies face growing pressure to increase operational efficiency, boost productivity, reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Only one solution offers the functionality you need to fully optimize your agency’s performance – Santrax® Agency Management, from Sandata Technologies, the leading provider of information technology solutions for the home healthcare industry for more than 30 years.

State-of-the-Art Agency Management Solutions

Santrax® Agency Management is a powerful comprehensive home healthcare management solution that automates all your key operational processes. Santrax® Agency Management enables your agency to manage multiple lines of business including Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Duty. It incorporates Santrax® Telephony, the market-leading Electronic Visit Verification solution and provides end-to-end processing for all key clinical, financial and operational functions.

Obtain leading-edge management and an immediate ROI with little to no capital expenditure.

Manage Key Processes

The Santrax® Agency Management solution incorporates key Santrax® functionality such as Scheduling, Clinical, Compliance, Electronic Medical Records, Billing Functions, Payroll, Reporting and Exporting into one system. Integrated processes automate and eliminate many manual steps. Santrax® Agency Management offers comprehensive, streamlined agency management for:

  • Intake -- Automatically custom configures the electronic medical and health records based on admission type
  • Clinical –- A comprehensive clinical record where data flows where needed, and an imbedded application tracks all clinical documents to completion. For each admission type EHR and EMR contents can be pre-defined. Documents can be pre-defined to be automatically included in the EHR and EMR and indicated as “Required”.
  • HR/Compliance -- Automates management of all compliance items and interacts with scheduling
  • Scheduling -- Advanced scheduler includes proximity and attribute searching, schedules from orders and authorizations, configurable alert system and permanent schedules
  • Billing -- Automatically creates all billing (electronic and paper) as a byproduct of scheduling
  • Accounts Receivable -- Complete A/R system for managing electronic and manual billing and remittance

Santrax® Agency Management’s Key Functionality Includes:

  • Advanced billing features including electronic claims processing to Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Duty
  • Care management tools including Medicare Outcome and Assessment Information Set (“OASIS”), care assessment, nursing care plan, data tracking and visit record integrated into a single customizable document
  • Case history and medication tracking, referral management and order tracking
  • Complete customer demographic information
  • Compliance tracking, HIPAA-compliant
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Payroll reporting and exporting
  • The Santrax® Telephony Solution time and attendance embedded in Santrax® Agency Management validates encounter data at the point of service through Electronic Visit Verification and enables the paraprofessional workforce to operate paperless

The Complete version of Santrax® Agency Management adds robust clinical functionality to the Santrax® Agency Management platform, giving home healthcare agencies the functionality to address all lines of business, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Duty. Santrax® Agency Management Complete provides a full Electronic Health Record (EHR), allowing you to mange clinical documentation, lab results, X-rays, wound photos, images and other data. Santrax® Agency Management Complete includes:

  • Client and Staff Management
  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Payroll Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Complete Electronic Submission
  • Clinical Documentation

Add-On Modules for Added Capabilities

Santrax® Agency Management can be enhanced with a variety of add-on modules including:

  • Santrax® Advantage – For agencies that complete all or part of their assessments on paper. Santrax® Advantage converts handwritten assessments into an electronic format, performs an audit and corrects errors prior to submission to Medicare.
  • Santrax® Analyzer – A robust analytics application that uses your agency’s data to provide management reporting and analytics. Santrax® Analyzer establishes the foundation for optimized revenue and increased business efficiency.
  • Santrax® Performance Advisors (PA) is Sandata’s proprietary Santrax® Consulting Service, focused on driving operational and financial improvement for your home healthcare agency. Our industry experts use a powerful combination of data analytics and best practices to empower your organization to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve your top line. Focused programs include:
    • Reducing LUPA rates
    • Managing Therapy utilization
    • Improving care accuracy and delivery
    • Enhancing OASIS C accuracy

  • Santrax® Point-of-Care
    Santrax® has several convenient point-of-care clinical tools for caregivers. As examples:

    Sandata is in the business of automating the data collection process for all aspects of your agency. Whether the data being collected is OASIS, comprehensive assessments, visit notes, physician orders and order modifications or other Point-of-Care information, Santrax® has the tools and the methodology that will suit any situation. Caregivers have the option of using a PDA, a data tablet or standard laptop, scan able forms or manual data entry. The system comes equipped with a standardized set of OASIS, comprehensive assessment forms, visit notes and physician order modification forms. Specialized visit notes can also be easily implemented per special request. Santrax® also provides data verification support for a variety of special visit notes that can be scanned or faxed directly to our data centers for accuracy verification prior to being presented to your agency for further processing.
    • Santrax® ClinicalPDA More...
      is our data collection portfolio presented on a hand-held device - such as a Blackberry. Current Blackberry users will find the data collection process very intuitive and easy to use. Once the information has been entered and verified, it is submitted to your system for use with a simple click of a button. Our standard OASIS forms, comprehensive assessment forms, physician orders and visit notes come with built-in CMS edits, along with our proprietary SmartEdits that alert you to any clinical inconsistencies within the OASIS forms as well as between the 485 and the OASIS. The system supports interfaces to most standard host systems. New interfaces are easily built as needed and more are being added every day!
    • Santrax® CareTab More...
      is the data collection process on a standard data tablet or laptop. This version is for the user who is more comfortable with the standard 'form' set. In addition to the familiar from faces, the CareTab system also comes equipped with a 'Problems' tab that alerts the user to any questions that may have been by-passed, or that may show inconsistencies or may lead to rejections from the State. Completing the data collection can be done on or off-line. Off-line users will automatically have their completed forms immediately uploaded to the back-end system where the forms are accessible to the agency for further coding and follow up in anticipation for final review and transmission to the state.
    • The Santrax® Scan able form data collection process More...
      is available for our users who may have contractors out in the field where it is not fiscally feasible to purchase and maintain a PDA or a laptop/data tablet. The scan able forms come with complete instructions for completing all questions. Once completed, the user simply scans or faxes the forms directly to our data center where further verification of the hand-written documentation is performed and corrected before the data and a scanned image are made available to the Agency within minutes of receipt.
    • The Santrax® Advantage data-entry module allows our users to enter the data completely on-line where the information becomes available immediately. More...
      This method is typically reserved for our smaller agencies that require minimal setup and startup or may have limited infrastructure. The system is available as long as there is a laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection. Users can immediately begin to experience the benefits of the system as soon as the internet connection is established. Training is fast, easy and customer-friendly and can be accomplished on-line at the user's desktop.

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