Santrax® Point-of-Care Solution Released

Next Generation Technology to Support Care Quality and Improve Efficiency

Port Washington, NY – April 19, 2012: Sandata Technologies, LLC, a leading national provider of information technology solutions to the home care industry, announces the release of its next generation mobile workforce solution, Santrax® Point-of-Care (SPoC). SPoC enables remote field workforces to collect data and access patient information at the point of care and is designed to provide remote access to both clinical and non-clinical information. SPoC will help to reduce clinical inconsistencies and documentation errors, enhance communication, eliminate costs associated with paper forms and printed charts, and streamline the process of assessment completion and submission.

Designed to work on a variety of mobile devices and platforms including Android, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry, SPoC offers a full complement of OASIS and non-OASIS documentation forms and tools. SPoC allows users to complete a variety of comprehensive assessments and document visit notes using their smartphone, tablet or laptop in either a connected or disconnected mode. Completed assessment data is automatically transmitted to the Agency whenever internet connectivity has been established on the mobile device. Additionally, OASIS and Comprehensive data is continuously checked against our proprietary SmartEdit engine and industry leading clinical best practices library, further supporting caregivers with best-practice guidance.

SPoC has a variety of other features including full remote access to patient charts; physician, ICD-9/10, supplies and medications look-up capabilities; automatic triggers for physician order modifications; ability for clinicians to generate and transmit prescriptions, modify the patient’s plan of care, transmit and track supply orders, review lab results online; integrated medications management for performing medications lookup, determining drug and allergy interactions and generating teaching sheets all at the point of care.

The system also promotes and improves care coordination via its online communication capabilities which allow the user to communicate and consult quickly and easily with the Agency, patient’s physician, or their peers through the easy-to-use online messaging system. Lastly, SPoC is fully integrated with Sandata’s flagship product, Santrax® Agency Management to ensure seamless data exchange and workflow for both administrators and mobile field workers.

Advanced Home Health Services™, a locally owned and operated home care company in South Texas, is currently participating in SPoC’s beta testing program. Sandata’s beta program gives clients the opportunity to provide valuable feedback from a user’s perspective to ensure that new products will meet market needs. According to Jeff Silverman, Sandata’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, “Home Health providers are continually challenged to provide quality care while increasing efficiency to manage costs effectively. Extending advanced technology to the mobile workforce will not only drive increased efficiency and cost savings, but will help to ensure the right care for all home health patients. SPoC is the centerpiece of Sandata’s comprehensive next generation mobility technology strategy for our customers to improve connectivity and access to information for field workforces. Sandata will continue to invest in developing technology to support our customers ever changing needs and challenges.”

About Sandata Technologies, LLC

Sandata provides a complete package of information technology solutions, which includes scheduling, time and attendance, billing, payroll, compliance and clinical applications, for the home care industry. Sandata’s suite of products includes Santrax® Electronic Visit Verification™, a leading time and attendance product, Santrax® Agency Management and Santrax® Payor Management, web-based software solutions with features including: voice biometrics to perform speaker verification, and a jurisdictional view dashboard solution for states and other payors, municipalities and the home care agency market.

Sandata’s solutions enable home care agencies, whether Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial or Private Duty, government or managed care payors as well as any organization with a remote workforce to realize administrative cost savings, streamlined operational procedures, and significantly reduced paperwork burdens. Sandata has over 2,000 customers in all 50 states using its products in more than 400,000 homes and processes over 100 million telephone calls annually. Four data centers are strategically located across the country with state-of-the-art redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

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